Fitbit Wristband

Heart rate, step count, sleep duration and quality

OMSignal Garment

Heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, body movement

Unihertz Jelly Pro

Speech (anonymized), proximity (with Owl-in-ones)

ReelyActive Owl-in-one

Proxmity (with Jelly Pro), environmental data (with Minew devices)

Minew E6, E8, S1

Light, door motion, temperature and humidity

TILES Smartphone App

Self-reports, social media data, participant notification and feedback


Category Metric Schedule
Baseline Demographics Pre-only
Cognitive Ability Pre and post
Health Pre and post
Life satisfaction Pre and post
Work-related acceptance Pre and post
Job Performance Task Performance Pre, post, semi-daily
Organizational citizenship behavior Pre, post, semi-daily
Counter-productive work behavior Pre, post, semi-daily
Psychological Constructs Personality Pre, post, once per two weeks
Affect Pre, post, semi-daily
Anxiety Pre, post, semi-daily
Stress Pre, post, semi-daily
Psychological flexibility Pre, post, semi-daily
Work engagement Pre, post, twice weekly
Psychological capital Pre, post, twice weekly
Context Place, social activity, physical activity Semi-daily
Challenge and hindrance stressors Pre, post, twice weekly
Interpersonal support Twice weekly
Health Variables Alcohol use Pre, post, semi-daily
Tobacco use Pre, post, semi-daily
Physical activity Pre, post, semi-daily
Sleep activity Pre, post, semi-daily