Data Set Details

A full description of the data set, study protocol, signals and sensors, and assessment strategy is provided in the data set paper:

Mundnich, K., Booth, B.M., L’Hommedieu, M. et al. TILES-2018, a longitudinal physiologic and behavioral data set of hospital workers. Sci Data 7, 354 (2020).

The complete data set including speech features collected from the random audio samples is over 1 Tb in size. This data set is available, but to make it more accessible we also provide a version where the audio samples have been filtered so only foreground speech features are provided. The size of this filtered data set is less than 10 Gb.

File contents and folder organization are explained within the various README.txt files in the download.


Fitbit Wristband

Heart rate, step count, sleep duration and quality

OMSignal Garment

Heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, body movement

Unihertz Jelly Pro

Speech (anonymized), proximity (with Owl-in-ones)

ReelyActive Owl-in-one

Proxmity (with Jelly Pro), environmental data (with Minew devices)

Minew E6, E8, S1

Light, door motion, temperature and humidity

TILES Smartphone App

Self-reports, social media data, participant notification and feedback


Category Metric Schedule
Baseline Demographics Pre-only
Cognitive Ability Pre and post
Health Pre and post
Life satisfaction Pre and post
Work-related acceptance Pre and post
Job Performance Task Performance Pre, post, semi-daily
Organizational citizenship behavior Pre, post, semi-daily
Counter-productive work behavior Pre, post, semi-daily
Psychological Constructs Personality Pre, post, once per two weeks
Affect Pre, post, semi-daily
Anxiety Pre, post, semi-daily
Stress Pre, post, semi-daily
Psychological flexibility Pre, post, semi-daily
Work engagement Pre, post, twice weekly
Psychological capital Pre, post, twice weekly
Context Place, social activity, physical activity Semi-daily
Challenge and hindrance stressors Pre, post, twice weekly
Interpersonal support Twice weekly
Health Variables Alcohol use Pre, post, semi-daily
Tobacco use Pre, post, semi-daily
Physical activity Pre, post, semi-daily
Sleep activity Pre, post, semi-daily